Friday, June 10, 2011


I remember with fondness drinking Kool-Aid at summer Vacation Bible Schools in Louisiana when I was a child.

As refreshments were served, the lady in charge would say, "drink the Kool-Aid" and we would hurriedly gulp down the Red-40 dye laced drinks and hurry on to the next activity.

"Drink the Kool-Aid" took on new meaning on a hot summer day in 1978 in Jonestown, Guyana as Jim Jones convinced his cult followers to drink Kool-Aid infused with potassium cyanide. On that day 913 of his 1100 followers "drank the Kool-Aid" and died. That experience introduced the phrase into the vernacular of modern conversations.

Recently the phrase has taken on a different and more positive nuance as marketers have used it to mean, "one who has embraced a particular philosophy or perspective."

For the last 20 years I have been a PC guy.

Earlier this week, "I drank the Kool-Aid" and today I am writing this blog from a MacBook Pro.

Please don't judge me. And please forgive me for all of the times I made fun of Mac users. The timing was right and my faithful PC began to grumble and complain about all of the things I was asking it to do. So, I decided to take the leap.

The salesman/geek/genius at Apple said as I completed my purchase, "welcome, you will never return to the dark side." Say what?

I didn't even know I was on the dark side, but today seems brighter. I feel smarter. I feel more tech savvy. My only fear is that people's expectations will rise exponentially as they read things that come from a MacBook Pro.

To be clear, I have a MacBook, but I am by no means a Pro. I'm just sayin'.


Big Rev said...

I just switched to a MacBook Pro (and an Ipad2) last month. I love it! Took a couple of days to get used to red, yellow and green dots over Xs, dashes and squares, but I couldn't be happier with my decision to switch. Can't wait for the new OS coming out next month!

Kevin said...

Just remember to use your new found powers for good and not for evil.

ewillig said...

I don't use a Mac but appreciate your blog...I drink the Kool Aid!

Nothin' against Macs, I just have PC.